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We are home to the finest well bred English Silver Labs you will find anywhere. We have been raising Silver Labs since 2001 and our 3rd and 4th generation of improvement lines of our Silver and Charcoal Labs our absolutely amazing. We have several champion show titled dogs bred into our lines that originated from UK imports with 5 AKC breeders of merit. You will not find Silver Labs with this kind of pedigree background anywhere. We have put a lot of research into the genetics to produce the best, most solid coat color with great conformation, block head, otter tail and a well-toned body. Most importantly we breed for good health. Labradors are by nature man’s best friend and you will be amazed how intelligent they are. They are great with children and the most loyal companions. We have donated several dogs for search and rescue and to charity, most notably to the Siskey Family YMCA in Charlotte.

All of our puppies are well socialized and have their dew claws removed. All of our puppies are de-wormed at 2,3,4,5 and 6 weeks of age and they are checked by Veterinarian and given a 10 way vaccination before going to their new home. We also offer a 2 year health guarantee on their hips and eye’s. We offer 6 colors in our Labradors : Silver, Charcoal, Champagne, and dilute (silver) factored Chocolate, Black and Yellow.

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The Silver Lab Controversy and the Genetic Explanation

There are many genes involved in determining a Labradors coat color so I will try to keep this as simple as possible. Both parents have to have a matching gene to produce any color. The gene that produces the dilute colors (dd) is the gene that is the cause of much controversy. The Labrador Retriever Club does not like or recognize any dilute color however the AKC does recognize the dilutes in their base colors. In the 1980’s the Labrador Retriever Club did not have a big problem with the dilute’s and agreed with the AKC that all dilute’s should be registered as their base color. The Labrador Retriever Club started complaining in the late 1990’s early 2000’s that dilute Labradors were not Labradors at all and were a product of cross breeding and dilute color Labradors were not breed standard color which they seemed to be ok with in the 1980’s. They claim they are purist & the dilutes are ruining the Labrador gene pool. The Labrador Retriever Clubs most recent complaint is Buyer Beware dilute breeders are charging exorbitant prices for a cross bred, designer dog. Exorbitant prices? Have you seen what members of the Labrador Retriever Club charge for their dogs? It don’t really sound like purism is the root of the complaint here. Here is a simple fact, at some point in time between 1920 and 1950 the dilute gene was introduced into the Labrador gene pool. Before or possibly after the Labrador Stud Book was closed this gene was introduced. This gene has been working in the Labrador for 60 or possibly as long as 100 years. Before the Stud books were closed several dogs were used including some with the dilute gene to add desired traits to the Labrador Breed. By reading the Labrador’s origin it is possible it has always been there. Point is their has not been any recent crossings by reputable breeders for sure so we are talking 20 generations or more of pure breeding of Labradors so if it looks like a Labrador, swims like a Labrador and acts like a Labrador. Guess what it’s a Labrador.


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